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Mirror Coat Luxury Bundle (Mirror Coat 500ml + Deluxo Supremo Accessory Kit)

Mirror Coat Luxury Bundle (Mirror Coat 500ml + Deluxo Supremo Accessory Kit)

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Everything You Need to Start Your COATlectibles Journey.

Wanting to get your prized possessions sparkling? Or just tired of seeing fingerprints all over your TV screens and mirrors? Well COATlectibles has you covered, with this All In One bundle, you'll have everything you need to fall in love with our product! 

Each kit includes:

1 x Mirror Coat Premium All Purpose Cleaner 500ml If its cleaning power and results doesn't make you fall in love with it, the fragrance surely will.

13 x Different Sized Premium Brushes to tackle the deepest of grooves and peskiest of particles.

2 x Soft Cloth Applicators to help easily apply Mirror Coat to flat surfaces.

10 x Coarse Sponge Polishing Swabs to help with hard to reach spaces and provide more abrasion than a brush or cloth.

5 x Soft Sponge Applicator Swabs to help delicately apply the solution to more fragile objects, they have slightly more abrasion than a cloth and will help get rid of stubborn spots.

20 x 100% Biodegradable Bamboo Cotton Buds to help gently lift and remove those pesky little ink spots from trading cards. 

5 x Reusable Solution Cups, not only are they adorable, they're super handy when you only need a little bit of solution.

2 x Premium Ultra Absorbent, Soft, Lint Free Microfiber Towels, both incredible at application and perfect for buffing.

(Pricing Incudes Postage and Packaging) 


"Mirror Coat" is an all-purpose cleaner, tailor-made to be able to be used specifically but not limited to collectibles. We are not in control of an individual’s use of “Mirror Coat” but that individual does so at their own risk. Always read the entire bottle before use. We at COATlectibles have guides found either on our website or through our social media that can help guide through specific processes. Damage is unlikely but if caused will 100% be down to user error. Mirror Coat has been thoroughly tested and returned incredible results. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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