How To Mirror Coat

Step One


Always wear protective clothing, especially gloves. Carefully select the correct applicator for the item to which the product is being applied. For intricate items, use fuller plush microfiber towels or even a range of soft brushes. For flatter surfaces, use a thinner and flatter microfiber towel or even a glass cloth. Always ensure that the applicator is clean and free from dust and grime. Always test in an inconspicuous area first to ensure the product can be safely applied to the item.

Step Two


Always spray the product onto the applicator, never directly onto the item. Gently massage the product into the item, ensuring full coverage. Allow product to sit for a few seconds.

Step Three


Using either a lightly dampened cloth or a a separate clean towel or brush, gently remove any residue that is left on the surface.

Step Four


Using a dry microfibre towel, buff the surface of the item until all of the residue and any high spots are completely removed.

Step Five


Allow 10 minutes for the product to semi-cure onto the surface. Assess whether the desired result has been achieved. Repeat Steps 1 through 5 if it has not.

Step Six


Allow 1 hour for the product to cure completely before handling. Then carefully place the item back in its desired spot, step back, admire, and enjoy your precious collectibles in all of their glory!