Upcoming Events

Proud to be co-hosting The Oxford Card Show

Visit us on the 29th & 30th March 2025 as we co-host Oxford's first and only TCG/sport card show!

We're excited to see you there!

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Attendee Events

Come and see us at our planned attendee events. We'll either have a stand, where you can enjoy our renowned card cleaning service, or we'll be browsing!

  • London Card Show - 3rd August 2024 - Attending
  • THAT! Collector Show in Poole - 31st August 2024 - Vending
  • Kent Card Show - 7th September 2024 - Vending
  • Cards & Collectables - 22nd September 2024 - Vending
  • The Lincolnshire Card Show - 26th October - Vending
  • The Essex Card Show - 9th November - Vending