Making The World Sparkle

Enhance Your Collectibles with COATlectibles, a brand born from the imagination of an avid and passionate collector. One day, while meticulously cleaning their beloved collectibles, a thought sparked in their mind: 'I wonder if there is a product specifically designed to make my collection look its absolute best.' After hours of searching and to no avail, fuelled by this idea, months of research and development led to the creation of our flagship product, Mirror Coat.

Our Promise <3

Our brand isn't just about the products we create, it's a brand you can always turn to when in need of a smile, comfort or escape. The products we sell are professionally custom made and tested to provide the perfect experience and results. Our customer service exceed those of our competitors and our hearts are truly in this, for you.

A brand born from passion, dedication and love.

We Give Back <3

For every bottle of Mirror Coat sold we will donate £1.00 to Mind via Work for Good.

The Purpose of Mirror Coat