About Us

Your twenties are often hailed as the best years of your life, or so they say.

However, for me, the majority of this decade has been dedicated to working long, grueling 10-15 hour days in the hospitality sector. I've poured my heart into a place I love, but the toll on my physical and mental well-being has been undeniable.

For years, I've yearned for an opportunity to break free from this relentless cycle and to fully embrace life. I've always had three burning passions: Cleaning Cars, connecting with People, and, of course, Collecting. One morning, as I meticulously cleaned my trading card binder, a question sparked in my mind, "Is there a cleaning product on the market that could make this easier?" After scouring the internet and coming up empty-handed, my "If you can't buy it, build it" mentality kicked in. I united my 3 passions together, and that's when the journey to create a cleaning product that would check all the boxes for collectors and enhance the cleaning experience, making it enjoyable and efficient, began. And so, Mirror Coat was born, surpassing our expectations.

With the birth of Mirror Coat, the vision of founding COATlectibles took shape. I reached out to a dear friend I met during my time in the hospitality sector, inviting them to join me in this endeavor, to offer their support when needed and to share in the rewards when they come.

Our journey has just begun, with a world of possibilities ahead for our brand, future products, and merchandise. As a self-funded project, our progress aligns with the brand's growth. We aspire to be more than just a cleaning product brand; we aim to be an integral part of the collectibles community.

We deeply appreciate everyone who joins us on this journey, whether through a purchase or by promoting our brand. Your support is invaluable.

So, why not become a part of the COATlectibles journey? Consider buying a bottle of Mirror Coat, or simply check out our social media and give us a share. Your involvement will never go unnoticed.

Thank you for being a part of our story thus far,

The COATlectibles team, Josh and Jasper